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Brighten up Your Home with This Brilliant Idea

 You're in your home a considerable amount of time each day; you wake up in it, you go to sleep there, and you relax there. Therefore, it should feel like a special place to you - a place that you feel safe, happy and comfortable in. However, it's difficult to feel this when parts of your home are dark and creepy - we're not talking about your basement here. We mean those dull rooms without overhead lighting or those hallways with no windows to let in some natural light. Light installation is a right pain in the neck, so how are you supposed to fix your lack of light?


Well, luckily for you, the writer of Hometalk has come up with an ingenious way to bring some light to a long and dark hallway without the need of going through the hassle of installing overhead lighting. This is much easier, more effective, and cheaper.

DIY - Window - Brighten Your Home
If you walked by the hall above, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's a corridor with a window that is letting in a lot of natural light. However, in reality, it is a painted window frame hung on the wall and powered by LED lights. Seriously!​
DIY - Window - Brighten Your Home

What is great about this is that you don't need to have extensive knowledge of electrical circuits or drywall installation; all you have to do is pick up a few materials from your local hardware store.

Here's what you'll need to get started.


  • Window frame
  • Glass frosting paint (or spray paint)
  • LED light kit
  • L brackets
  • Drill
  • Screws


1. Find the best place to set up your artificial window. Unless you have opted for battery powered LED lights, you'll need to set your "window" by a plug socket.

2. Once you have decided on the perfect place, paint your window frame with frosted glass window paint.

3. Glue your LED light strip on the back of the window frame. You can go for any color you want, but white looks best as it obviously gives the illusion of natural light.

4. Drill your L brackets into the wall. Hang your window from these brackets and plug in the LED lights.

5. Dress up your faux window with a lace valance or place a table with a small plant on it before it. this will help keep up the illusion and keep things looking natural.


Cover image courtesy of Depositphotos

Source: tiphero

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