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13 Trees of Splendor and Beauty

 Trees have always meant a lot for human civilizations. We've built houses and weapons from their timbers, eaten their fruits, and made all kinds of medicines from their bark and resins. But what surely unites all nature lovers is an admiration for the unique physical characteristics that different trees across the world exhibit to our eyes. Here we've collected images of 13 trees that are so special, so beautiful that many people would doubt that they are even real. The wonderful truth is that magical trees like these really do exist.
Here, it's time for us to celebrate the most amazing trees with these 13 perfect photographs!
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1. A Tree (or a Mushroom)
2. A Balete Tree in Philippines
3. Mango Trees Under the Water
4. Madagascar's Magnificent Baobab Trees
5. The Cypress Trees of Caddo Lake
6. Japan's Glorious Wisteria Trees
7. The Bottle Trees of Socotra Island
8. Hawaii's Rainbow Eucalyptus Forests
9. The Dragon Tree of Socotra Island
10. Bristlecone Pines Are the World's Oldest Trees
11. A Quiver Tree in Namibia
12. An Amazing Japanese Maple Tree
13. A Unique Frankenstein Tree
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H/T: brightside.me

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