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11 Signs of Hormone Imbalance

 Our hormones perform a vital function for our bodies. Hormones work in the endocrine system as 'chemical messengers' that travel through the blood stream, telling your body to do certain things at certain times. For example, some hormones control your bodily functions and some control the speed at which hair and nails grow. Most women already understand what hormonal changes, like those resulting from PMS and stress, feel like. Yet there are some other conditions and diseases which give rise to similar effects. 
This list of 11 things to look for will help you know whether the hormonal symptoms you are experiencing are a sign of thyroid disease, diabetes or pregnancy.
Note: This list merely offers hints as to the causes of your symptoms. For a professional diagnosis, always consult your doctor.
Signs of Thyroid Disease
1. Your toilet routine has changed drastically
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Your thyroid hormones may sometimes either make your organs work too quickly (hyperthyroidism) or too slowly (hypothyroidism). The former may make your bowel movements increase in frequency, while the latter can cause constipation. When either of these changes occurs after many years of clockwork-like regularity, it may well be a clear sign of thyroid disease.
2. Your eyes are getting bigger
Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder, which is the most common type of hyperthyroidism that people experience. It causes inflamed tissues behind your eyes to lift your eyelids, giving people the impression that you are permanently staring. Has anyone told you that your eyes have been looking bigger lately?
3. Your hair has stopped growing
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Thyroid hormones are also in charge of your hair growth. Hyperthyroidism, therefore, can also result in a recent coarsening or lessening of your hair, on your head and elsewhere.
4. You're forgetting things
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, this reduction in the thyroid hormone can affect the ability of your brain to form memories and help you pay attention. The results of this may be manifest in a recent change in your short-term memory capacity. Have you found that you've been forgetting a lot of small things recently? This too, may be a sign of a hormone imbalance.
5. Your skin is too dry
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Hypothyroidism can also mean your skin becomes drier, as a result of a slower skin metabolism not producing the necessary oils. If you've noticed a recent dryness in your skin, you may also have a hormone imbalance.
Signs of Diabetes
6. You are suffering from a lot of yeast infections
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Did you know that diabetes is one of those diseases we can have without even realizing? It's estimated that around 30 million people are in this situation. But there are a few signs of diabetes that we can pick up on, related to hormone imbalance.
Diabetes occurs when your body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, increasing glucose levels in your bloodstream. Yeast infections are caused by fungi, which feed on the extra sugars your body is producing. So, if you believe you have had rather too many yeast infections lately, you may also have diabetes.
7. You're urinating frequently
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Diabetes affects the functioning of your pancreas, which means your kidneys are pushed into overdrive trying to remove the extra sugar. This results in your needing to go to the toilet again and again. Have you noticed this symptom lately?
Signs of Pregnancy
8. Your gums are bloodier than normal
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Pregnancy causes some amazing hormonal changes, one of which we can identify when we brush our teeth. To prevent your body from expelling a fetus naturally as a foreign invader, the hormone progesterone is produced with much greater quantity than normal. This increases your blood flow and makes your body retain water all over the place. Your gums in particular will retain a lot more water, making them more vulnerable to bleeding when aggressively brushing. If you've noticed a lot of blood in your gums, consider that you might be pregnant.
9. Your feet seem to be larger
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Progesterone overdrive also helps loosen up your ligaments, to prepare your body for as smooth a delivery as possible. This effect is not restricted to one location, so you will see the results of expansion in your feet too. So, if you've suddenly gone up a shoe size, you may be expecting.
10. You feel the taste of metal in your mouth
hormones, imbalance, signs, health
Pregnancy also produces another hormone, HcG, human chorioinic gonadotrophin. This hormone is produced within the embryo itself. This hormone can cause feelings of nausea and even the infamous 'morning sickness' vomiting. Another symptom of increased levels of HcG is a strange metallic taste in your mouth, as a result of a change in your sense of taste. If you feel this metallic taste, your hormone levels may be changing as a result of pregnancy.
11. You're getting a lot of dark spots
Pregnant women also experience increased estrogen levels. This hormone increases the instance of the dark skin pigment, melanin, on your skin. It frequently appears on cheeks, breasts and a few other places. This a very likely tell-tale sign of your pregnancy.
Want to know how to balance your hormones naturally? Read this helpful guide.
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