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You wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding in your chest. It takes you a few seconds to realize what woke you - it's that new neighbor again, blasting his music and partying with his friends. This is the third night in a row!

You turn to look at the clock and groan, it's 2am. Way too late for this. You lay there thinking about what to do. Unfortunately your spouse is on a trip to visit a cousin, and you have no one to talk to.

Should you call the police? You'll be well within your rights to. They ARE breaking the law. On the other hand, you don't like the look of that guy, he seems like he'd hold a grudge. 

You could go and introduce yourself, ask nicely if they can take it down. You haven't tried it before and maybe they're not the punks they seem to be.

Or you can just grit your teeth and hope you can get back to sleep. 

Call the Police / Go to the neighbor / Go back to sleep

Go back to sleep
You create a pillow fort around yourself, add some music of your own, close all the windows and even try headphones. Nothing really shuts out the music coming from outside, but you eventually manage to fall into a sleep punctuated by fits and starts. Twice you are jerked awake by a scream coming from the house. The noise lasts until 6am. You get up at 9 for your various chores, only half of them get done because you're so sleepy. You spend the day being cranky and you drink too much coffee, resulting in an aching belly and a long sit in the bathroom. 

Night finally comes, and you literally fall into bed. You close your eyes and welcome the darkness as a long lost friend. You drift away....

Just to be jerked awake by music so loud it seems to come from inside your own head. It... it can't be....

Yet it is. The neighbor is at it again. The time is 2am. What should you do? There's no going back to sleep and you're so very tired. 

Call the police / Go confront the neighbor

Call the Police

You get your phone and dial the police. An operator answers you and you proceed to describe the incredibly loud music and partying going on for 3 nights at a row next to your house. The operator says that a police car is actually close by and they should be there in 10 minutes.

Relieved, you thank him and get up to get a cup of water. You nestle next to the window and wait for the police to arrive because there is no way you can fall asleep now. After about 20 minutes, a police car arrives with flashing lights. The music is as loud as ever.

Two police officers get out of the car and bang on the door. It opens and out steps the neighbor, with a big grin on his face. He actually high fives one of the police officers! They seem to know him, and though you can't hear them, you see they are all talking with big smiles on their faces. 

However, the music has been turned down. One of the officers claps your neighbor on the shoulder, the other shakes his hand. Then suddenly they all turn and look straight at YOU, standing in the window. You duck back but you know the neighbor saw you and knows you're the one who called the cops. You wait a little bit before peeking out again just in time to see the officers go back in their car and drive off.

You breathe a sigh of relief and crawl back into bed. You peacefull close you-

The music BLASTS again at what seems to be an even HIGHER volume! This is insanity! What to do?

Ignore and try to sleep / Go talk to the Neighbor / Call the police again and ask for a different officer

Call the police again and ask for a different officer

You call the police again and get the same operator. You explain what happened in angry tones. He is as courteous as before but is it your imagination or is he a bit more cold this time? After a few moments, he tells you there is no cop car nearby but they will get there as soon as possible. You hang up the phone with an uneasy feeling. 

The music continues to blast and you try to busy yourself, but it's now 3am and the music is even louder. No sign of any cops. You're starting to get a headache and you can't even watch television to distract yourself because the music is so loud. You're seriously angry at this point, and resolute to do something about this.

But what can you do? Is it time to go confront this punk? Or maybe you should just let this go?

Go confront him / Give up on this whole ordeal

Go confront him

You step to his house in a quick, angry pace. The house seems to almost be shaking from the music and loud voices inside. You can already smell smoke. You pound on the door until your neighbor opens it. His eyes are red and he stinks of beer. He is a medium height young man with a short blond beard and brown eyes. His eyes narrow when he sees you.

"What?" he asks in a brusque tone.

You introduce yourself and ask nicely if he can turn that music down. 

"You're the one who called the cops, aren't you?" He says. "Naa, I don't think I will." He laughs and slams the door in your face.

You remain outside the door, hearing laughter booming from the inside. You're about to boil from rage. 

Should you try the police again? Doesn't seem like they are in any rush to come and you wonder if they ever will.

How to make this noisy neighbor take you seriously? Wild thoughts swirl in your head.

There's a large stone on the lawn, you could make a point and throw it through his window. You could also scratch his car. Or you could try and knock again and make sure he doesn't close the door.

Throw the stone / Scratch his car / Knock again

Throw the Stone
Blame it on how tired you are, because usually you would never do something like this. But, as if in a dream, you bend over and pick up a fist sized rock. But what if you hurt someone? That thought makes you uncomfortable. You want to make a statement, not end up hurting someone. You gingerly make your way to the corner of the house and find an angle where you can throw a stone through the window and hit the wall almost immediately. That should prevent anyone from getting actually hit. 

Filled with reservations but even more with outrage, you fling the stone through the window. It crashes through the glass and slams into the low part of the wall. You run towards your house as fast as you dare, as you consider what may happen if this turns violent and you are one person against a group of young angry men. 

No one chases you, thank goodness, and you arrive, breathless, back to your bedroom. You take a peek at your neighbors house. Nothing seems to have changed. Could it really be they haven't NOTICED? What kind of people are these?

But just when you think they ARE that oblivious, the door opens and your (very drunk) neighbor comes out with the stone in his hand. He stumbles to your side of the street and, without hesitation, slams the rock into your car's windshield. He then turns to look at you, standing at the window. He smiles, and waddles back into his house. 


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