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You Do Have to be a Bit Mad to Try These Kinds of Races


Motor racing is always exciting to watch, but there are some who like their action just a little bit crazier than others. I had a look around, and these are without doubt the craziest forms of motorsport to be found anywhere in the world:


1. Swamp Buggy Racing

Swamp buggy racing was invented in Florida, and involves racing around a waterlogged oval in purpose-built, V8-powered swamp buggies. 

2. Sprint Boat Racing

This kind of racing involves jet-powered boats racing in very shallow water and turning on a dime. It’s a spectacular form of racing to watch, however it’s extremely dangerous – things can get ugly pretty fast if the navigator hits a bank.

3. Rock Bouncing

In this motorsport, racers compete in tube-framed contraptions they usually build in a shed or garage. Other parts of the equation include massive tires, huge amounts of horsepower and near-impossible gradients to negotiate.

4. Sand Drag Racing

This is just like quarter-mile drag racing, only the 7,000 horsepower dragsters wear dirt tires on their back wheels and throw up three-story-high rooster tails of sand as soon as the lights go green.


5. Lawnmower Racing

Lawnmower racing takes place on small dirt tracks, and as the name suggests, it pits lawnmowers (albeit race-modified ones) against each other. The competition is fierce, and the racing is hard. It might be something for you to try if you’re fed up of mowing your front lawn!  

6. Pig ‘n’ Ford Racing

You need the following to compete in Pig ‘n’ Ford racing – a Model T-spec Ford racing car, good sprinting ability, a dirt oval and a… pig. This kind of race takes place annually at the Tillamook County Fair in the US.  

7. Formula Offroad

These guys pit 1,000-horsepower all-terrain monsters against inclines so steep that most of the time, the inevitable result is toppling over onto the roof.

8. Trailer Racing

Strap a caravan to the back of your beater and head to the races. Some people show up with 30-foot-long trailers to make things just a little more ridiculous. As you’ll see from the video, this is very much a contact sport.

9. Super Truck Racing

This form of racing is basically the same as conventional circuit racing in a car – only it’s done in huge tractor trailers that continuously bang fenders from lights to finish. What’s even more interesting is that the these trucks tow their own support trailers to each race!

10. Reliant Robin Racing  

The Reliant Robin isn’t particularly well-known outside the United Kingdom, but it seems like there are people out there who are hell-bent on destroying all of them. The three-wheelers line up and race until there’s only the last man standing  - or maybe I should say until the last Robin is running.


Content Source: Road and Track 

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