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Modern-Day Master: Emanuele Dascanio’s Hyperrealistic Drawings

Have you ever wondered how the old Renaissance masters would have painted had they been alive today? What would Leonardo’s subjects have looked like? What new techniques would Raphael adopt? Most importantly, how would the results look? Well, today we have finally been given a wonderful clue, thanks to the amazing work of Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio. 

Painting realistic old man

This supremely talented young man has been schooled in the ways of the old Renaissance greats and has adapted those techniques with his own modern interests to create the most stunning portraits the modern world has ever seen. Using charcoal and graphite, a single source of light is enough to make these pieces practically come to life. And this stunning achievement is the result of both incredible talent, and patient devotion: Emanuele is said to spend up to 780 hours of work per piece.

An Old Man Tied Up

Old Man, arms crossed, renaissance style


A Renaissance Age Prisoner

old man, sat down, leaning, renaissance style

The Artist at Work

artists drawing, beautiful woman


A Beautiful Woman 

renaissance style, modern woman, drawing


Beauty Unveiled

woman, veil, scarf, drawing


Working with Pencils

drawing picture, woman, flowers in hair.


Woman with Flowers in her Hair

woman, drawing, flowers in hair,


Art Mirroring Life

woman, mirror, drawing, amazing, life-like

A Modern Day Mermaid

drawing, woman, underwater, shell, bubbles


Bonus: A Video of Emanuele at work

H/T: boredpanda.com


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