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Have You Heard This One? Best Baseball Buddies!

Sam and Dean were best of friends as well as two of the biggest baseball fans the world has ever seen.

All of their lives, Sam and Dean would talk about baseball. They went to all the games they could get to. They even made a pact, as kids, that when one of them dies - the other will return to tell him if heaven has baseball games.

baseball friends joke

One night, after watching a Yankee victory, Sam happily dies. A few night later, his buddy Dean wakes up to a familiar sound - it's Sam, and he's talking to him from beyond.

"Sam, is that you?" Asks Dean.

"Sure is, buddy!" replies Sam.

"Wow this is amazing!" exclaims Dean. "So, please tell me, is there baseball in heaven?"

"Well," answers Sam. "I have some good news and bad news for you. Which would you like to hear first?"

"Give me the good news first." 

"Ok, well the good news is that the answer is yes, there is baseball in heaven."

"That's incredible! So what's the bad news, then?"

"You're pitching tomorrow night."

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