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The Healing Fingers

We all use touch for therapy – we touch our chins when we're thinking and clasp our hands together when we're uncomfortable. Even babies suck on their thumbs when they go to sleep. We don’t do all of these things for nothing, as each part of our body is connected to a whole system. If we know where to apply pressure in the system, we can overcome various physical and mental symptoms.


Finger Touch Therapy originates from an ancient Chinese technique, in which every finger relates to different organs and emotions. In a study conducted by the Mercy Cancer Center in the U.S., all of the participants experienced beneficial sensations, including reduced stress and nausea during chemotherapy. Additionally, many patients that reported difficulties sleeping found that by holding their thumb and taking deep breaths, they were able to fall asleep much faster. It is assumed that thumb holding is related to the way babies suck on their thumbs, but either way, both patients and doctors strongly recommend this method.

To use this technique, all you have to do is make a fist around the finger that’s connected to the sensation or body part you wish to soothe, and slowly apply pressure to it for three to five minutes while breathing deeply. If you want to balance your whole body, simply do it for each finger on both hands.



  • Sensations: Anxiety, worry, and depression
  • Organs: Stomach and spleen
  • Physical Symptoms: Stomachaches, headaches, skin problems, and stress

Index Finger

  • Sensations: Fear, frustration, uncertainty, and confusion
  • Organs: Kidneys and bladder
  • Physical Symptoms: Indigestion, discomfort in the arms, elbows and wrists, muscle pains, backaches, teeth related problems, and any type of addiction.

Middle Finger

  • Sensations: Anger, restlessness, and indecisiveness
  • Organs: Liver and gall bladder
  • Physical Symptoms: Eye and vision problems, lethargy, migraines, frontal headaches, period pains, and circulatory system issues.

Ring Finger

  • Sensations: Sadness, grief, fear of abandonment and rejection, negativity
  • Organs: Lungs and large intestine
  • Physical Symptoms: Indigestion, respiratory problems, tinnitus, deep-layer skin problems


  • Sensations: Low self-esteem, judgmental behavior, and stress
  • Organs: Heart and small intestine
  • Physical Symptoms: Stomachaches, headaches, skin problems, and stress

For more information on the cancer-related research, please watch this video:



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