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I Bet You I Can Reach That Glass!

A man walks into a bar and says to the barman: “You see that glass at the other end of the bar? I bet you $100 that I can pee in it from over here.”

The barman agrees to the bet, so the man begins to urinate all over the bar, its patrons and even the barman himself – basically everywhere except in the glass.

“Ha!” says the barman. “You owe me $100!”

“Wait here,” the man replies, and he walks over to the pool table. Someone hands him some money and they have a laugh together.

The man walks back over to the barman and hands him $100.

“Thanks,” the barman says, “but what were you laughing about with that dude over there?”

The man replies: “Oh, nothing. I just bet him $1000 that I could pee all over your bar, including on you, and you’d still be smiling at the end of it.”


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