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Let's Play: Blackjack Vegas - Can You Outsmart the House?

Can you get your cards to as close to a combined total of 21 without going over? Try to beat the dealer by thinking carefully about when to Hit or Stand and remember: As soon as you go over 21, you lose. Good luck!

How to Play:

1. On the game screen, you can either select Career Mode or Quick Play. If you choose the former, you can play through different levels to see how far you can get. If you choose the latter, it's just a quick game that you can use for practice or if you haven't got much time. Regardless of the mode you choose, the game rules are the same for both. The Career Mode is significantly harder than Quick Play, so you'd better be ready! 

2. Select the amount you want to bet. The starter amounts are $5, $10, $25 or $100 (as you make more money, a $500 chip becomes available). 

3. Once you've selected the amount you want to bet, click Deal. 

4. Three options will appear at the bottom of your screen: Double, which is to double your bet, Hit, which is for another card to be dealt, or Stand, which is to stay on the current total number that the sum of your cards amounts to. 

5. Get as close as you can to 21 without going over, while making sure that you beat the dealer in order to win the hand. 

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