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Joke: A Man Is Talking About This Biker's Grandma (Rude)

Three biker buddies are sitting in a bar. A man, who’s already heavily intoxicated, walks in, sits down and orders a drink.


The man looks around and sees the three bikers sitting at a table in a corner of the bar. He gets up, staggers over to their table, and leans over it.

Looking the biggest of the three men in the eye, the drunk man says: “I went by your grandma’s house and saw her completely naked in the hallway. Man she’s fine!”

The biker looks at the drunk man and doesn’t say anything. His buddies look confused, because people have had their faces kicked in for saying less than that to him in the past.


Leaning against the table once more, the drunk man says: “I got it on with your grandma too. She’s the best I ever had!”

Still no response is received from the biker, however his buddies are now starting to get angry.

The drunk man continues: “I’ll tell you something else too – your grandma loved it!”

At long last, the biker stands up and says: “Dammit Grandpa, you’re drunk! Just go home!”


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