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Game: Galaxy Guardians

Galaxy Guardians is all about bumping the enemy pieces off the board before they can bump off yours. Aim for a piece and choose how hard you want to hit an enemy's. You'll be playing this one for hours!


How to Play:

1. Click the Play button when the game screen loads. 

2. Click on the 01 icon (visible on the ship) to begin the first level. 

3. Click the next Play button that appears on screen. 

4. View the tutorials and then click through them to begin the game. 

5. Once the game starts, click on the piece you want to strike one of the enemy pieces with. 

6. Click and drag with your mouse to set the direction and strength of your shot. 

7. Push all enemy pieces off the board to win and move on to the next level! 

Click here to play in FULL SCREEN
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