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15 of the Strangest DIY Tips Ever

The DIY tips I'm sharing with you today are amongst the strangest I've ever come across. But I have found out they really work wonders. Read on to find out how flowers apparently enjoy aspirin, hot sauce isn't just for spicing up food, and wax paper has a couple of other alternative uses to what you probably thought.


Mess Removal

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  • Has your pet managed to cover your sofa in hair again? Run your hand over it while wearing a damp dishwashing glove. This will cause the hair to cling to the glove rather than your prized furniture.
  • Wine spills are taken care of in no time with this trick. Simply pour salt over a wine spill or stain and the salt crystals will absorb it.
  • Isn’t it annoying when you take a label off something but messy glue residue is left over? Apply hand sanitizer to the glue and the residue will come off.


Buildup Removal

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  • Lime buildup can be taken care of by making a paste from one tablespoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Apply the paste to your shower, sink or other fixtures and rub the lime buildup with a cloth to remove it.
  • If the gunk on the top of your stove simply refuses to come off, make a paste from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and scrub it to make your stove sparkle.
  • Is the grout between your tiles starting to collect unsightly gunk and dirt? Try applying mouthwash to it and it’ll look like new.



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  • Make your home smell beautifully by baking two tablespoons of vanilla extract in a bowl for an hour at 300 degrees.
  • Clear any sooty odors coming from your fireplace by crumpling old newspapers and sprinkling ground coffee on top of them. Put the newspapers in the fireplace and set them alight.
  • Citrus fruit, such as oranges and lemons, have peels that act as a natural deodorizer. Whenever you’ve peeled a citrus fruit, simply put the peel in your garbage disposal to neutralize any bad odors.

Copper and Silver

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  • Hot sauce doesn’t just set your mouth on fire – it’s great for shining any copper fixtures or ornaments that you may have in your home.
  • Brighten up your silver by using whitening toothpaste to remove any tarnish. Using whitening toothpaste will also retain any patina built up on the silver.


More Neat Tricks

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  • This one is a little out there, but it really works! Add two aspirins to the water in a vase of flowers and your flowers will stay fresh for longer. You can also do this by using lemonade instead of water.
  • Save yourself some time and effort when cleaning by placing waxed paper on top of your kitchen cabinets. The paper will prevent dust and grease from building up.
  • Try crisscrossing two rubber bands over the claw of your hammer before you remove a nail from one of the walls in your home. The bands will prevent the wall from getting damaged.
  • Rubbing waxed paper along your shower’s curtain rod will stop your shower curtain from getting stuck every time you try to open or close it.

Content Source: Roger and Chris


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