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Potential Cancer Symptoms You Mustn't Ignore

Cancer is one of the scariest afflictions of the 21st-century. Different kinds of cancer can target different parts of the body for numerous reasons. Quite often the symptoms are ignored because people don’t believe it can be the cause or are too afraid to find out that it is. Oncologists agree that early identification can save your life. If you are experiencing any of these 10 symptoms, you may want to visit your family physician and get tested.

Cancer Symptoms

1. A Change in the Appearance of a Mole

Moles can be a clear indicator of skin cancer. The sudden appearance of a mole, or change in shape/color/texture may all be signs of skin cancer. Contact a dermatologist as soon as possible in such a case.

2. A Persistent Change in Bowel Movements

A sudden and persistent change in bowel habits can be your warning sign of cancer. A difficulty in defecating may indicate that there is a mass blocking the bowels. A change in the color and/or consistency may also indicate a cancerous growth. Black or bloody stool should be reported to your physician immediately, and likewise with thin or ribbon-like stool. White/pale/grey stool may not indicate cancer but can still be a sign of a serious health risk and should be reported to your doctor.

Cancer Symptoms

3. A persistent Change in Bladder Movements

Are you experiencing difficulty urinating or the appearance of blood in your urine? These can indicate prostate, kidney or bladder cancer, and it is highly recommended that you contact your physician.

4. A Persistent & Unexplained Pain

Random and infrequent pains are generally not an indication of Cancer, but a constant or persistently reoccurring pain may be the first telltale sign of cancer. Persistent abdomen pain can be a sign of ovarian cancer. Pain in the chest can indicate lung cancer and in some cases, reoccurring or constant headaches may serve as the first warning sign of brain or ocular cancer.

Cancer Symptoms

5. Persistent Hoarseness or Cough

A cough signals a disturbance or obstruction in your airways, but constant, painful and/or bloody coughing should be reported to a doctor. A constant cough can be your first warning for lung cancer, or potentially other respiratory problems that even if they’re not cancerous – may be dangerous none-the-less.

6. A Sudden Loss of Weight

Adults tend to have a harder time losing weight, so if you suddenly start losing weight even if not trying to, it should serve as a red flag. Don’t treat it as a “gift”, as tumors can often cause sudden weight loss.

Cancer Symptoms

7. A Persistent Difficulty Swallowing

We swallow food from the moment we’re born, it is one of our most natural instincts. However, neck or esophagus cancer can cause a persistent trouble in swallowing. Regardless of the risks of cancer, difficulty swallowing is a health risk on its own, so please contact your family physician.

8. An Unexplained Lump

If you noticed a new lump somewhere in your body, no matter the size, you’ll want to have it checked. Lumps in your breasts can indicate breast cancer (in rare cases also in men), and testicular or prostate cancer may cause lumps in your testicles.

Cancer Symptoms

9. Persistent Unexpected Bleeding

Bleeding from the rectum can be an indication of colon cancer and vaginal bleeding outside of the normal cycle can often indicate cervical cancer. Remember that if you are experiencing bleeding without an open wound – it is a cause for concern.

10. A Sore that Doesn’t Heal

Ever since you were a child, your body would heal any wounds you experienced. If you experience a wound that takes longer than three weeks to heal, it is not a normal thing and may be indicative of carcinoma, so have it checked without delay.

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