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That Little Pill...

An elderly lady went to the doctor and asked for his help in reviving her husband’s passion. “Why don’t you give him Viagra?” the doctor asks.

“Oh, no,” the woman replies. “He doesn't even take aspirin for a headache.”

“That’s not a problem,” the doctor tells her. “Just crush up the pill and slip it into his coffee. He’ll never even know.”
Several days later, the old woman returns to the doctor, and he asks her if his suggestions worked.
“Oh, Doctor!” she exclaims. “It was horrible! I did just as you said and as soon as he finished his coffee, he jumped up from the table, ripped off my clothes and took me right there on the table, we made love for a whole hour!!”

cup of coffee

“And that was horrible?” the doctor asked, puzzled.
“Oh, the love making was wonderful!” the old woman exclaimed. “But I can never show my face in that coffee shop again!"

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