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An Easy Guide to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Energy Bills

With electricity and water bills on the rise, and the Earth's environment on the descent, I took a look around my home and realized that some changes had to be made. I started off small, seeing what minimal changes I could do to help conserve water and energy. In doing so, I realized that little adjustments would help make a world of a difference. For example, in using extension leads, I was able to reduce my energy consumption by 15%.

At one point, I analyzed all of my products at home, and couldn't believe the amount of chemicals I was not only throwing into the environment, but were in turn, also affecting my family's health. At that point, I opted to use vinegar as a cleaning agent instead.  

Along the way, I tried to make a bigger difference around my home, particularly when undergoing renovations. In the process, I discovered that bamboo is a better and more environmentally friendly alternative to timber wood.

In time, I not only got to see the plus side of switching to a more environmentally-friendly approach with my bills, I was pleased to have contributed as best I could to preserving the planet too. 

You too can help reduce your environmental impact on the world around you, and your home is a fantastic place to start. The guide below, will show you what you can do to help, taking things one step at a time. Remember:

 "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."  John Wooden 
50 ways your Home can save the Earth infographic
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