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Now and Soon in Gadgets of Technology


Ever since the dawn of the modern world, technology has spiked up in an ever-changing fashion, bringing continuous mind-blowing improvements to the world and serving humans with an aid to many of their every day necessities. Life has changed ever so drastically since then and we now find it difficult to envision a world without technology. But just when you think we've reached the ultimate stage of improvement with all the intelligent advancements, you need to think twice: in technology, there's always infinite room for further novelties to top off the ones that already exist. 

With this said, you might as well be prepared for what the future holds by taking a peek at it. Now, change is not only a tick away, it's even a click away: See how both the traditional and modern tools we use today will change into surprisingly sophisticated gadgets in the very near future.


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1. Computers

You might have seen the latest computers using a touch screen technology, but this 'BendDesk' is about to revolutionize the typical computer, especially on the work place. This literally merges a desk with a computer, so one can have a wider digital surface which is fully-interactive, multi-touch and full of features that make it much more efficient than the regular computer. See more about the BendDesk in this video.

Sources:  imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net |  gadgetose.com

Computer Soon
Computer Now

2. Video Calling

Communication has improved effectively in technology through tools we can use on our smart phones and tablets. A new gadget called the iCom is said to take this to a new level - it is a more sophisticated communication station designed for the home. Its best feature is undoubtedly the futuristic holographic 3D display, which is likely to become the next novelty in digital communication.

Sources: franky242 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net | reload4btech.blogspot.com

Video Soon
Video Now

3. Classrooms

We all know there's a lot in store for education. Classrooms have already changed drastically since our past school days, and this is only a start. Future classrooms will be electronically equipped with 'interactive multi-touch desks', which are part if the SynergyNet framework. It's questionable whether such advancements will lead to an eventual phasing out of the traditional pen and paper writing.

Source: engadget.com

Class Soon
Class Now

4. Health Tools

Having a health condition such as diabetes is not going to be that much of a big deal any more thanks to this innovative device called the iBG Star, which will soon beat off the traditional blood glucose monitors. This device will serve the same function, but will also be possible to be attached to your iPhone, making it easier for diabetics to manage their condition on a day-to-day basis, and track, store and analyze their medical data. Learn about how one can make use of this device by means of this video.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Diabetes Soon
Diabetes Now

5. Cameras

Cameras have lately been reduced to a mere tool on our smart phone, which makes photo-capturing more portable and efficient. But this camera is definitely a novelty for the lovers of traditional cameras. It allows you pick your picture frame in the most physical way possible, by being separated into two.

Source: imwm.org

Camera Soon
Camera Now

6. Sockets

Traditional sockets with ugly-looking wires will definitely be given a facelift in the coming generations, and this is good news to many home-owners who keep trying to hide away any wires in view. Future sockets will not only become wireless, they might also be able to get power directly from the sunlight. This is the function of the innovative 'Window Socket', which will contribute to more simplicity as well as sustainability.

Source: greenprophet.com

Socket Soon
Socket Now


7. Tablets

What must follow the slimness and lightness of modern gadgets is undoubtedly transparency. The glass-like design concept is bound to be the new trend taking over on most smart phones and tablets of the near future. Here's how the new iPad is envisioned to look like in the coming models.

Source: mashable.com

Ipad Soon
Ipad Now
8. Toasters
You might have not thought about kitchen appliances when thinking of future changes, but technology will play a big role in these too, especially when it comes to style. The concept of simplicity is already booming the markets, but it will be taken a step further. Toasters will become more stylish by making use of 'heating glass', lending the product the much anticipated transparent look. 

Source: engadget.com

Toaster Soon
Toaster Now
9. Fridges
Another home appliance that will probably advance in the next years is the fridge. When fridges get too full and busy, it's super easy for spills and breakages to happen, no matter how big it is. Technology has a solution to this too. With a simple and modern renovation in its structure, the fridge can be transformed into a much more efficient home appliance. 

Source: Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net | 

Fridge Soon
Fridge Now

10. Watches

What we used to think were notions of imagination in fictional cartoon spy stories were actually a simulation of the future. Recently, we've been blown away by the amazing innovation in watches, which is predictably a huge step in technology. Smart phones will become more accessible by being connected to smart watches, some of which will even consist of a built-in camera and WiFi, allowing you to be updated with the latest news and weather, receive emails, make video calls, and so on.

Sources:  Gualberto107 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net | mashable.com

Watch Soon
Watch Now

11. Mirrors

If there's one surface that has a big potential in technology, it's the mirror. With its reflective surface, a wall mirror can be interestingly transformed into a screen with incredible features, somehow resembling the famous mirror in Snow White. This 'magic mirror' is amazingly interactive, which means you can talk to it to inquire information about the weather, the news, your health records, and you can even transform it into a window! Brushing your teeth in the morning will surely be entertaining with this magnificent invention. Watch it working here

Source: home-designing.com

Mirror Soon
Mirror Now

12. Chopping Boards

You might not be able to imagine how a chopping board can change into an extraordinary electronic device, but this will probably become a must-have feature in our future kitchens. The smart invention of a digital cutting board doesn't only allow users to chop food on it, it will provide them with information about recipes and health. For instance, it'll be able to tell you the ideal amount of food for your dish by acting as a smart weighing scale and give you tips on how to avoid cross-food contamination or food poisoning.

Source: ubergizmo.com

Chop Soon
Chop Now

13. Shopping Lists

Forget the traditional way of keeping shopping lists - the future has something brilliant to offer in this regard as well. After a scribble on a paper changed into a note saved on your phone, there's now a further transformation: the voice-activated grocery list. All you need to do is tell the machine device what shopping items you require throughout the week the moment you remember, by recording. At the end of the week, your grocery items are printed out neatly into a list. Voila!

Source: ehomeandgarden.net

List Soon
List Now

14. Vehicles

A recent introduction of a bicycle-car hybrid vehicle has evoked widespread interest and is being seen as a potential vehicle on our future roads. This is the futuristic-looking ELF (Electric, Light, Fun) vehicle, which serves the purpose of a car by using both paddle power and car-like functions. It even has a solar panel roof, making it all the more economical and environmentally-friendly. See more about the ELF in this video.

Source: organictransit.com

Car Soon
Car Now

15. Smart Phone Applications

The concept of the ultimate and most sophisticated device in technology has probably overwhelmed some people, and at the same time stimulated a great deal of curiosity about its possibility. The smart contact lens is expected to be the big deal after more elaborations on smart phone applications and chip technologies. Imagine yourself having instant access to information with (literally) a blink of an eye. The scope of this lens would be to assist you in everyday living with the slightest details, such as the calorie count for whatever you're eating or a GPS map overlay locating your destination. Amazing or what?

Source: fastcompany.com

Smart Soon
Smart Now


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