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Artistic Mom Teams Up With Her 2 Year Old

Ruth Oosterman is not your average mother. Just over a year ago, she entered into a unique, artistic partnership with her two year old daughter, Eve. Ruth allows Eve to doodle freely on a canvas and then adds watercolors to them to produce the final paintings. The results are magical representations of what happens when a child's innocent imagination meets an artist's creative mind. 
Ruth is adamant that these are genuine collaborations. If Eve doesn't want her mom to draw over her drawings, then Ruth will leave them alone. For Ruth, the benefits of this special partnership have been both artistic and personal.  She is able to use a toddler's sense of wonder and creativity to inform her art while also watching Eve grow and learn. Our interactive pictures show you how a toddler's doodles were transformed into beautiful works of art, and you can find out more, by visiting Ruth's website and blog.
Instructions: You will see Eve's original doodle in the pictures below. See if you can work out what the scribble became and then click on the photo to reveal the final painting. A short video documenting how Eve and Ruth work together to produce the final paintings is also included towards the bottom of the page.

1. The Bookworm's Dream


Bookworm's Dream Painting
Bookworm's Dream Toddler

2. The Reindeer

The Reindeer Painting
The Reindeer Toddler

3. The Red Boat

The Red Boat Painting
The Red Boat Toddler

4. The Forest

The Forest Painting
The Forest Toddler

5. The Elephant King

The Elephant King Painting
The Elephant King Toddler

6. Under The Red Birch Tree

Under the Red Birch Tree Painting
Under the Red Birch Tree Toddler
 7. The Queen
The Queen Painting
The Queen Toddler

8. The Moon Bear

The Moon Bear Painting
The Moon Bear Toddler
9. The Lady & The Fox
Lady and the Fox Painting
Lady and the Fox Toddler

10. The Great Owl

The Great Owl Painting
The Great Owl Toddler

And here is a short video showing how Eve and Ruth worked together to create the first painting in our collection 'The Bookworm's Dream':


H/T: Ruth Oosterman

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