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These stunning photos capture the beauty of new life


These images of animals in the womb are as incredible as they are strange.  From a snake coiled inside the jelly of an egg to a tiny, perfectly formed elephant, it is incredible to see new life being formed.  The photos are the creation of Producer Peter Chin who has used a combination of ultrasound imaging, a series of tiny cameras and a smattering of computer wizardry to create the amazing pictures, and while they are not photos as such, they do provide an accurate representation of what the animals look like in the womb.  Take a look for yourself:

Elephant Fetus Image

A perfectly formed Asian elephant, half way through its 22 month gestation period. It is already an exact miniature version of the giants that roam the earth, right down to the tiny trunk and cute little hooves.

Cheetah Fetus Image

You can already see the famous spots developing on this cheetah just two months into its gestation period.  In another month, the animal - so cute now - will be born and begin its development into one of the most fearsome predators in the animal kingdom.

Tiger Shark Fetus

Even in the womb, this tiger shark doesn't look like one to be messed with!  You can already see the sharp teeth that make this species one of the most deadly predators on the planet developing.  Sharks are of course unique in the fish world as they develop in the womb, rather than an egg.

Dophin Fetus Image

Bottlenose dolphins have fascinated humans for many years with their legendary intelligence and playful nature.  But have you ever seen one look this cute?  The image shows a tiny dolphin about halfway through a 12 month gestation period.

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