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Collection: five Award Winning Animations

Animation used to be something only kids enjoyed. But today, some very serious directors do beautiful work when they are allowed a free hand with animation. I've seen such wondrous stories told with real creativity and passion.

These five short animations are special. They have won acclaim and are each unique and interesting in their own way. I hope you enjoy them.

The Perfect House - A story of a greedy bird with a big dream

Each of us dreams of the perfect home, the one that lets him sit in a giant, comfy chair and simply relax and enjoy life. The bird in this next film wants the same thing, and as it sees an elderly woman falling asleep under its nest, it thinks of a brilliant and amusing way of making that dream come true.


The Clock People - Nothing can stop love

Love can blossom even in the most surprising places, say inside a clock! "Little Darling" describes such an impossible love story, taking place inside a complex old cuckoo clock. Like any good love story, there are challenges, but love ultimately overcomes all.


Geri's Game - A famous classic of computer animation

Geri's game was one of the first short animation films to win recognition and fame despite its short running time. It was created in 1997 by Pixar, the studio that would go on to create such classics as "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo". If you still haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!



The Alchemist - An inspiring message from father to son

This is one of the most beautiful animations produced in recent years. It deals with an alchemist that tried all his life to turn other metals into gold, neglecting his family in the process. After his death, he leaves his son a message about what is important in life.



The Musical Ranch - Everyone has a job to do

Old Mc'Donald had a farm... But this farm doesn't have cows, pigs or sheep - but notes. And when one note isn't growing the way the farmer wants it to, it tries to get rid of it any way he can, until he realizes the enormity of his mistake.

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