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15 Helpful Uses for Baby Oil

In contrast to the popular joke, baby oil is not made of babies, it is actually a byproduct of the oil refining process. Baby oil is a fantastic lubricant for massaging and nurturing the skin of the baby, but it has many other uses that can benefit the adult, some of which may surprise you.

Learn about these 15 helpful uses for baby oil!

baby oil
1. Clogged ears

Drip a few drops of warm baby oil into the clogged ear. Lay on your side or make sure the ear is in a horizontal position, and gently drip. Let it stay like this for a few minutes and then reverse your head and let it dribble out, cleaning the ear with a paper towel.

2. Cracked heels

To treat dry and cracked heels, rub a little baby oil before bed time. Cover your legs with socks to keep the bed sheets and blankets from getting dirty.

3. Removing a stubborn ring

To remove a ring from your finger that just won't budge, use baby oil as a lubricant. Smear a generous amount on your finger and gently start turning the ring, until it slides off.

4. Removing bandages and Band-Aids 

If you have sensitive skin, reduce the discomfort by smearing a coat of baby oil on the sticky parts of the bandage. Start peeling the bandage gently, until it is removed.

5. Removing paint

If you've used paint and got dirty, spill some baby oil and rub, then wash with soap and water for full removal of the stain.

6. Removing stickers from purchased items

If the price sticker won't come off (or leaves half of it behind), smear a bit of baby oil on the sticker until you see it absorb, then wipe with a soft cloth for an immediate and easy removal of the stubborn sticker.

7. Removing make-up

Baby oil can be an efficient tool for removing eye make-up, and also soften the skin around the eyes - doubly useful.

8. Massage oil

Use baby oil to massage parts of the body. Baby oil is refined and adds moisture to the skin. It also makes the massage feel much nicer.

9. Preventing stretch marks

Baby oil helps soften the skin and prevents stretch marks during pregnancy.

10. Maintaining moisture

After a hot bath or shower, keep the moisture on your skin and prevent skin dryness by smearing baby oil on your skin while it's still moist. Be sure to smear in the area of the elbows, the knees and the heels.

11. Unraveling knots

If your silver or gold necklace has become a big knot, use baby oil to unravel the knots. Simply drip a bit of the oil directly on the knot, then use sewing needles to gently open the knot. It should be much easier now that the links slide instead of stick together.

12. Aromatic bath oil

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive cosmetics for the bath, add a few drops of perfume to a 1/4 cup of baby oil and mix. When you step into the bath, shake the bottle well and pour a few drops in.

13. Returning luster to leather items

Return the shine to old handbags, wallets, shoes and belts. Drip a bit of baby oil on a soft cloth and wipe the leather items. After rubbing, remove the leftover oil and rub again with a clean cloth. The items will shine like new!

14. Cleaning stainless steel sinkssink

Drip a bit of baby oil onto a soft cloth and shine the stainless steel sink. You can also use this technique to remove stains from stainless steel electrical appliance and bathroom accessories. 

15. Getting rid of water and soap stains on the shower door

If you have a shower door that is constantly stained by water and soap marks that won't come off, a bit of baby oil and a clean cloth should get rid of those for you!

Images courtesy of: marin, stockimages, Ambro, Michal Marcol / freedigitalphotos.net

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