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12 Helpful Ways to Use WD-40

Most of us have an old spray can of WD-40 lying around somewhere in the house or the garage. We probably keep it around to fix something in our car or to grease an old hinge, but we never really use it much. However, you'll be amazed to know how many other things this simple oil spray can be used for, and what a fast, easy solution it can be for some very common problems.

oil spray

1) Bug spray: WD-40 can be used as an insect and bug repellent, with the same ease of use. Simply spray it on the bugs, spider webs or the places you want to keep bug free.

2) Clean your toilet: In order to get rid of stubborn stains, markings or even cleaning product marks on your toilet, just spray some oil and rub it with your toilet brush - the stains will come right off.

3) Restore the color of your old plastic furniture: If your garden or pool chairs are stained and worn out, a good scrub with WD-40 can give them their old shine back.

oil spray

4) Clean coffee or tea cup marks: If your table or kitchen counter are full of those ugly black cup marks, you can easily get rid of them. Just apply some oil and gently rub it away with a cloth.

5) Sealing your shoes from water: WD-40 is great for protecting your shoes from the damages of winter and water. Spray a generous amount of oil on the shoes once in a while and keep them in better shape for a longer time.

oil spray

6) Clean you shoe soles: If you accidently stepped on some gum or dog droppings, it's easier to clean your shoes then you know. Spray the sole with oil and rub it with an old, unused toothbrush. Wash it with some water and, after one or two times, your shoe will be clean.

7) Prevent wasp nesting: To keep your summer safe from these unwelcome visitors spray WD-40 in hidden corners, roof gutters and other potential places.

8) Clean glue: If you want to remove stains caused by removed stickers or spilled glue, WD-40 can dissolve it quickly and effectively.

9) Clean and oil guitar strings: Spray some oil on a cloth and gently rub the strings. Don't spray it or apply it directly to the guitar itself, as it might damage the wood if it's not properly protected.

10) Take care of your leather furniture: By spraying a little WD-40 and rubbing it on leather furniture, you can prevent cracks and wrinkles. It can also be used on leather belts, shoes, wallets and similar products.  

oil spray

11) Remove markings and stains from the floor: Much like cleaning the toilet, WD-40 can help you clean any hard surface to remove stains and markings from your floor. Spray the spot you need to clean, scrub the area with a broom and wash with water.

12) Remove stickers: Not only is WD-40 great for cleaning glue remains, it can also help you remove the sticker itself. Spray the sticker well with the oil and wait for about a minute, it will easily peel off after that.

So don't throw out that can, it can do wonders.

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