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What Does Your Gem Say About You?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and each of us has a different ideal of beauty. Nowhere is that more noticeable than when we pick our favorite gem. Precious stones have a wide variation of color and beauty, and for eons they have been used to symbolise personality traits, nobility and personal choices.




If the pearl has caught your eye, there is no doubt that pride and respect are important to you. Your mind is quick and you are courteous, relaxed and prefer to think before you speak. Choosing the pearl may also indicate you're ready for a major change in your life, so keep your eyes open and be willing to accept change when it comes.



If you were attracted to the ruby, you may be one of those people chock full of life and with a passion to experiencing it. You know how to motivate others and sometimes - even boil their blood. You've got energy to spare, and if someone comes up against you - they will rue the day.


If you picked the diamond, you may well be a strong, determined person. You give strength to the people around you, and, just like the diamond, you cannot be broken. You're fearless, bold and enthused for the adventures life sends your way. You are a free spirit, and it is quite impossible to tame you.


If you're a 'topaz person', it means you are a calm, calculated person who enjoys quiet moments, using them to reflect on life. You have a strong, calming energy as well as terrific communication skills. No doubt these skills are helping you with many of life's challenges.


If peridot is the gem of your choice, you are naturally curious and tend to spread joy around you. You love learning and share your knowledge and experience with others. You will rarely let your bad mood influence the people around you. The peridot is a mysterious and rare stone, just like your inner personality.


This stone is strongly connected to the ocean. If this is your gem, you possess a great amount of empathy. People enjoy talking to you and learning from you. You love taking life's adventures and making them even more exciting. You never stay bored for long, quickly finding a new or exciting thing to do.


What a pick! You are a sharp, sensual and passionate person. You often attract other people to your vicinity, as they enjoy just being in your presence. Your instincts are highly developed and you should pay more attention to your gut feeling, especially if you haven't done it so far.


If Citrine caught your eye, you're a creative, enthusiastic person. There's a warmth to you that radiates to others. People who choose citrine appreciate team-work, and will usually be best at running a team. They are very social people, and need to have people around them to feel that all is right with the world.

Pink Tourmaline

This stone goes to the sensitive, thoughtful and honest people among us. You believe in a just world and hate to see injustice. Just like tourmaline itself, you get easily heated when you see things that insult your sense of what is right. You tend to be protective of those close to you because of that.


The amethyst is the stone for the wise individual. You have an intellectual drive and you tend to throw yourself into whatever project you're invested in. Nothing will stand in your way when you make up your mind, and you are the perfect model of a good parent. Just don't forget to enjoy yourself from time to time.

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