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Getting Rid of a Stutter (adult)

A man with a crippling stutter visits his doctor hoping for a cure, he walks into the doctor's office and says:
"D D D D Doctor, you've g g g g got to Help m m m me, I'll dddo anyt t t t thing."

The doctor gives him a thorough physical examination, and sure enough discovers the problem....
"Your genitals are massive, and it's causing a great strain on your vocal chords, which is creating the stutter. I can, if you'd like, shorten your penis and relieve the great tension on your larynx. The effects will be instantaneous, and we can operate today."

"D D D D Do it!"

So they prep for surgery and very quickly the operation is performed. A complete success, the man leaves for home delighted to be cured. But that night his wife finds out what he did. She is very unhappy and urges him to reverse the surgery.

And so the next day the man arrives back at the doctor's surgery.
"Hello doctor and thanks for seeing me again. I'm completely cured and most of all I'm very grateful, but unfortunately my wife is not, I want to reverse the surgery."

But the doctor replies...

"N N N N N N No Refunds"

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