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Prepare For Your Heart To Grow A Bit More

I never thought about getting a hedgehog as a pet, but seeing these little guys playing so adorably have made me reconsider. They get along so wonderfully with children and other pets; I can't help but save a special place for them in my heart. These cuties may be small in size, but that doesn't stop them from getting up to all kinds of mischief and fun.

I don't bite.

I meant for that to happen.

I look mighty fine strolling.

You can bark all you want but you don't scare me.

Do you mind? I'm sitting here.

I don't even need a ball to get a strike.

Right there, that's the spot.

I left a chip in here somewhere.

Spa day.

Sometimes for kicks I pretend to be a ball .

This cat must think I'm a scratching post.


Pool party!

Rockabye hedgehog.


Time for bed. That's all folks.

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