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Informative World Maps

When I went to high school geography class was never this interesting. It seems that as long as people are inventive, there will be fascinating ways to display facts showing how wide and different the planet is. These maps are informative, humorous and can teach us so much about people all over the world.

The most visited travel destinations

If the world map were flipped

Where the population is most concentrated

Countries with monarchies

The globe according to photographers

Educational backgrounds of world leaders

How many children per family

Happiness by geography

The world map 200-300 million years ago, when it was called Pangea


The world by popular drinks

Map with the oceans and continents inversed

The most common first names in Europe

Countries' preferred internet browsers

Some of the world drives left, and others right

The world map in flags

H/T: www.boredpanda.com
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