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The Golden Oldies Machine!

There are singers who never knew this life. They didn't know about internet, cellphones, DVDs. They never knew youtube, facebook or wikipedia, and they'd shake their head in bafflement if you ever tried to explain why videos of people falling off rooftops are funny. 

What they did know, lived, and breathed - was music. It was the focal point of their lives, and they never lived far from it. It defined them as the men and women of their times, as trend setters and deliverers of culture and joy. Their generation looked up to them, while ours misses them terribly. 

Enjoy these 50 old but gold hits, and perhaps a little whiff of times gone by. 

(Instructions can be found below the player)

How to use the player

On the right hand side you will see two playlists you can switch betweem, each displaying 25 hits. At the bottom of the list there is a blinking arrow, and by clicking on it you can switch between the two playlists. At the center of the player you will find the control panel, by which you can play, stop and switch songs, as well a volume button.  

There are two special buttons, the first - I - Allows you to only hear the opening part of the song. The small white window below it allows you to determine how long (in seconds) you'd like that opening to be. Should you select this button, the songs will be played automatically one by one, but only a small sample of each one. this way you can listen quickly to find a song you love but can't remember the name of.

The second special button - R - Allows you to play the song list on random mode, meaning the songs will be played in random order. 

Don't like the player color? You can switch the colors at the bottom!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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