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The Amazing World of Science Up Close

Learning the periodic table was one of the boring parts of science class but the memorable bits were when the teachers let you lose in the lab. Putting different chemicals together makes for unexpected  reactions and often things that go boom. See what menace these experimenters got up to in these animations, and don’t try these at home!

(Please allow some time for the animations to fully load)

Nitrogen triiodide tapped

A pencil conducts electricity

High voltage electricity runs through a coin

Matchstick upclose when it’s lit

Mercury thiocynanate burning

Amix of isocyanate and polyol

Microwaving a CD

Ink dropped in kerosene

Magnets melt a piece of metal

Steel wool’s reaction to fire

Ping pong rain: 1500 ping pongs balls, plus liquid nitrogen

Two pieces of metal fused by friction

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