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How to Keep Your Glasses in Good Condition

A good pair of glasses can keep your eyes healthier, prevent headaches and generally make life easier. Here are 7 essential tips to keep your glasses scratch-free and in good condition for a long time.

1. Always use both hands when taking them off or putting them on. While it doesn’t look as suave as taking them off with one hand, it will keep the frame from bending and losing its shape.

2. Avoid cleaners with Ammonia or Alcohol. Your lenses have a special coating and the harsh chemicals can damage it. It is better to use a solution of water and diluted soap instead. To dry the lenses, only use a microfiber cloth specifically designed for that purpose as other types can scratch the lenses.

3. At the beach? Don’t be tempted to clean sand off your glasses in the water. The salt in the water will damage your lenses and speed up the corrosion on the joints. Instead - use bottled water to rinse them.



4. Don’t leave your glasses in very hot places (like your car) – The frames are made by pouring hot melted plastic into a mould & the heat can melt the plastic frames and bend them out of shape or ruin them completely.

5. Avoid putting them on your head – the hair contains natural oils that stain the lenses and the angle causes the frame to stretch. Instead either put them down (preferably in a case), or hang them off of your shirt.

6. Stop your glasses from slipping off your nose: Use Wedgees or Nerdwax to keep them where they need to be. "Wedgees" are these small foamy bits you put on the edge of the glasses to make the sit more snugly. "Nerdwax" is a special wax you apply directly to the nose-guard to prevent them from slipping. Remember - glasses that slip can fall and break…

7. Never leave your glasses with the lens-side down – they WILL get scratched. Consider getting a hard case for them.

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