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Game: Run Penny the Penguin’s Diner

In this addictive and fun game help Penny the Penguin run her diner in Antarctica, set to Zorba music.

It’s quite a rush to handle seating guests, taking orders, serving their meals, and cleaning tables while keeping a sane mind.

You can use Penny’s profits to buy gear to help Penny earn bigger tips. This is an excellent game to train your brain, work on concentration and your reactionary reflexes. 


Once the game has loaded click “PLAY”. Click “NEXT” and “NEXT” again.

Each “day” you have to earn a specified amount of cash.

1. Seat Guests. Click on a customer and click on a free table to seat them.

2. Take Orders. Customers will wave and say “hello”. Click on customers to see what they want to eat.

3. Serve Food.  Pick up meals when they are ready from kitchen counter by clicking on the dish and then clicking on a customer. (A bubble with their order hovers above their heads)

4. Collect Money. When the customer finishes eating you pick up their check and then clear the table so that it is ready for the next guest to dine.

*Be mindful of the clock. The diner closes at 9pm.

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