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New Home Innovations that Improve Daily Life

As someone living in this modern world, I'm still amazed at how fast new products and innovations come to light every day. There has never been a better age for inventing new ways to make our daily lives easier, more manageable and more enjoyable. These new gadgets could really make being at home and doing chores more easy and fun. 

(Note: Some of you have been asking where to find the gadgets we post about, and so we've included a link to where each can be found for sale).

The Unspillable Bowl

This new design for a bowl makes it impossible for a child to spill its contents.
great innovations and gadgets

The Gyro-Bowl can be found HERE

Sticky Waterproof Speakers for car and shower

Waterproof, portable sticky speakers that wirelessley connect to your phone so you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere, whether in your car or even in the shower.

sticky speakers

The portable bluetooth speakers can be found HERE


Dough-to-Dounut maker 

This device will allow you to turn dough into doughnut with a simple squeeze. 

great innovations and gadgets


The Doughnut Batter Dispenser Maker can be found HERE 

Super-Nutrient gel pearls for indoor plants
These gel pearls have more nutrients than soil and will make sure your plant thrives! 
great innovations and gadgets

The nutrient gel pearls can be found HERE


Magic Bag Sealer

This simple looking plastic device will allow you to get a complete seal with any ordinary plastic bag. 

great innovations and gadgets

The portable sealer can be found HERE
Anti-Liquid and Stain Spray
Make any object 100% liquid proof and stain proof with this space-age spray.

The anti-liquid spray can be found HERE

Advanced silicone steam and roast folding bowl
This folding bowl is made from advanced materials and can be used to perfectly steam roast anything!

great innovations and gadgets

The silicone folding bowl can be found HERE

Durabrella - The only umbrella made for two

This tough umbrella is made for two and makes sure I never have to  get wet walking with my better half in the rain. 

This umbrella for two can be found HERE

Tablet Back-Seat Holder

A tablet and this back seat mount display is all you need to make your car a cinema for anyone lucky enough to be in the back seat.
great innovations and gadgets

The tablet backseat mount display can be found HERE


The Dessert Syringe 
This syringe will allow you tp add a whole new dimension of fun to your desserts
great innovations and gadgets
great innovations and gadgets

The dessert decorating syringe can be found HERE

The fit-all bowl and pot sifter

This cleverly designed sifter will let you pour any bowl with no contents lost, spillage or steam burns.

great innovations and gadgets

The magic sifter can be found HERE


Mr. FaceBank

This fun animatronic piggybank will eat up all your spare change and keep it safe.  

The FaceBank can be found HERE 


Card-Size Emergency Phone

This card-sized emergency phone wil make sure you never get caught out of reach again.

The emergency card phone can be found HERE


Portable Color Scanner
This portable scanner can take any document or photo and create a high quality digital copy so you can easily store or send it by email.
great innovations and gadgets

The portable color scanner can be found HERE

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