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"Insane" Mode in the New Tesla P85D

Tesla Motors – A company that manufactures electrical cars just came out with their newest model, the P85D. When customers come to test drive the new car, the car salesman takes them on a short drive and introduces them to the “Insane” mode the P85D has. Their reactions are priceless:

The reason people are so surprised is the electric car’s ability to transfer maximum torque to the wheels immediately, launching the P85D from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Regular cars have Internal-combustion engines, which cannot transfer the full torque straight away and require shifting of gears (manually or automatically). Only the most advanced engines can produce higher torque quickly, but at the cost of increased fuel consumption.

Tesla P58D exterior

It seems that electric cars are indeed the cars of the (near) future, saving you money on gas and repairs, producing no CO2 emissions or noise, and getting you to your destination faster.

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