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25 Passwords You Should Never Use

In this digital age, everything requires a password – Facebook, Banking, E-mail, etc. When there are so many passwords that we need, it’s easy to decide to go for something that’s easy to remember, then use it for everything. Sadly, hackers and online criminals know this fact and have been using this knowledge to steal personal information and even money. 

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A recent research performed by SplashData (an online-security company) collected data from various hacker groups and found the 25 worst passwords you can use, according to how often they appeared:

If your password is on this list - change it immediately!

#1 123456
#2 password
#3 12345
#4 12345678
#5 qwerty
#6 1234567890
#7 1234
#8 baseball
#9 dragon
#10 football
#11 1234567
#12 monkey
#13 letmein
#14 abc123
#15 111111
#16 mustang
#17 access
#18 shadow
#19 master
#20 michael
#21 superman
#22 696969
#23 123123
#24 batman
#25 trustno1

To protect your information, you'll need to have strong passwords, which contain both upper and lower-case letters, numbers and at least one special sign (like % or &), preferably in a random order. The advantage of strong passwords is also their weakness – they can be so complicated that we can’t remember them, but there are two ways to overcome this weakness:

1. Use a password manager

A password manager is a software that remembers your random passwords for you, and you’ll only need to remember one password - for the manager.

Two free options are KeePass and LastPass, or paid services like Dashlane and RoboForm.

2. Strengthen your old passwords

The way to do that is to change some of the letters to upper-case, add a couple of numbers and maybe a special character. This option is not as effective, but will still be an improvement over weak passwords.

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