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Interactive Scale Model of the Universe

While some sites have tried to magnify the universe, no one else has done so with real photographs and 3D renderings. To fully capture the awe of the vastly different sizes of the Pillars of Creation, Andromeda, the sun, elephants and HIV, you really need to see images, not just illustrations of these items. 

This is a great instructional tools for kids and adults alike, and for anyone who is curious to see the universe on every scale.

See below for instructions on how to use the Universe Scale.

How To Use:

ZOOMZoom in and out with the wheel of your mouse, this works best in FULL SCREEN. You can also move the yellow light by holding it with the mouse and moving it right or left to zoom in or out. You can go see what's smaller than an atom, and what's bigger than the galaxy.

FULL SCREEN: To experience this interactive infographic in full screen (our recommendation) click the "Full Screen" button in the top right corner of the infographic.

You can choose one of nine starting points by moving your mouse over and clicking one of the 9 images (atoms, animals, buildings, mountains, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies and the observable universe).

To relocate to one of the nine entry points, click the corresponding yellow dot on the scroller at the bottom of the page


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