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Hilarious: The Future of Robotics Never Looked So... Bright?

When Good Robots Do Bad Things

In recent years we have witnessed many unprecedented technological developments that make us fee like we're living in the world of tomorrow. Scientists and engineers work in tandem around the world to create better, smarter and more efficient robots to serve our every need. However, if things will persist as they do in the examples below, we might want to give up on that notion...

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In the near future, robots will serve us in every aspect


Mechanical servants will deliver food to our tables


Automated bartenders will serve us drinks


They will even help us in the toilet!


Thousands of small drones will buzz around us


Scores of automated combines will harvest our food


Technology will open many doors for us all


From mechanical athletes who aren't scared of the ball


To robotic handymen who will save us a lot of headaches


Advanced robotic barbers that will ruin our hairdos


Automated trash collectors that'll throw garbage around


They'll probably turn nasty at some point...


But at least they won't run out of battery in 2 minutes


I guess Charlie Chaplin knew what he was talking about...

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