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Impress Your Guests With This Easily Made Apple Swan!

One of the things that make hosting fun is to surprise guests (or even just family and friends) with little surprises and treats they never saw coming. Take this apple swan, for example. It's an easy thing to make, especially once you get the hang of it, and it's so pretty among the other foods your guests are sure to love it! Just follow these easy steps, each shown in a little video clip, and enjoy your new skill!

1. Take a nice, juicy apple and cut it diagonally in the middle. (It is important that you cut the core as well).   

2. Pull out the seeds from the center of the apple using a knife, but save at least 2 of them aside for later. 

3. Place the larger half of the apple on a cutting board and place 2 knive parallel on both sides. These knives will help us perform exact cuts on the apple that will not split it completly. 

4. Use the knives to make exact cuts, as shown, along the height and width of both sides of your apple part. The knives will prevent you from cutting the apple all the way and help you make an exact horizontal cut. 

5. Perform the cuts on the other side as well and remove the parts you sliced off. 

6. Take the parts you cut off and cut them again in the same way. Instead of using the knives, you can just turn the apple part around. Be careful not to cut the apple all the way!

7. Repeat the process of cutting as many times as you can, until you can create a 'wing' of apple slices pulled back on the sides of your original apple piece.

8. Perform the cuts on the other apple part and follow the same steps for the second wing. You should start seeing the shape of your swan already. 

9. Now you'll need to cut a place in the front of the apple where our swan's head will be. Make a cut and take out a small piece so there is enough space to put another slice inside.

10. To make the swan head, take the smaller half of the apple and cut it horizontally using the knives on the cutting board. 

11. Take one of the slices you made and cut it in the shape of a swan's head like in the below example.

12. Design the swan head by rounding corners and cutting off redundant apple pieces. Take the 2 seeds we put aside during step 2 and use them to create your swan's eyes.

13. Put the head of the swan you made into the slot you made during step 9 (front of the apple). 

14. That's it! Your swan is ready. To keep it nice and fresh for lunch/dinner time, I'd recommend spraying it with a little lemon juice mixed in water. It won't hurt the taste and will prevent the apple from darkening


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