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Are Your Donations Going Where They're Needed? Find Out

We know of many diseases that still require a lot of medical research in order to find new or better cures, but many times, we won’t necessarily donate to where our money is sorely and urgently needed. Instead, we often are convinced to donate to causes that sound more “sexy” (like the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”).

Here is a simple infographic, followed by a textual breakdown to show you the comparison between donations and number of deaths (in the U.S.).

The Break-Down:

Cause Deaths Donations (in millions)
Heart Disease 596,577 $54.1
Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease 142,942 $7
Diabetes 73,831 $4.2
Breast Cancer 41,374 $257.85
Suicide 39,518 $3.2
Prostate Cancer 21,176 $147
AIDS 7,683 $14
ALS 6,849 $22.9


Sadly, it’s very obvious that while our intentions are good, our donations don’t necessarily go where they’re more urgently needed, and even when we donate – we need to do it with full information and understanding of where we put our money. I do, however, would like to emphasize that while some causes have higher mortality rates, others are still very important and the people who suffer from them are real people, facing possible death.

To donate, follow these links:

Jump Rope for Heart
Fight for Air Climb
Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes
Komen Race for the Cure
Out of Darkness Overnight Walk
Ride to End AIDS
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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