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How Well Do You Think You Know English?

How Well Do You Know English?

English is the most popular language in the world, with roots going thousands of years and influenced by German, Latin, French & more! By our time, the language has been enriched by a plethora of new words for expressions. This Quiz will let you test your knowledge of English.
1. What is a Sciolist?
A. A fake intellectual
B. A scissors tester
C. A scientist that works alone

2. The term “Pygalgia” is used for
A. Describing a pig sty
B. The dwelling of Pygmies
C. A pain in the Buttocks

3. Which sport is most likely to show a “Recumbentibus”?
A. Skiing (a fall, leading to the loss of 1 or both skis)
B. Boxing (a knockout punch)
C. Soccer (pushing the referee down)

4. A “Mattoid” is…
A. A tabloid dedicated to Matt Damon
B. A partially-insane person
C. An old name for Polaroid pictures

5. If I’m being "Spadish" I am:
A. Being direct & blunt
B. Obsessed with spades
C. Curious & Inquisitive

6. If I have “Ozostomia”, I have…
A. Bad driving skills
B. Very frizzy hair
C. Bad breath

7. A sufferer of “Bruxomania”…
A. Collects baseball cards
B. Grinds their teeth
C. Cannot grow a beard

8. A person engaging in “Quatopygia” will…
A. Rock their heads back and forth
B. Jump up and down continuously
C. Shave their buttocks

9. What is a person with “Kakorrhaphiophobia” afraid of?
A. Failure
B. Pickles
C. Getting up on stage and singing

10. What is a “Nudiustertian”?
A. A train filled with nudists
B. The sound made when trees fall
C. The day before yesterday

11. “Tyrotoxism” means is?
A. Being poisoned by Cheese
B. The result of mild alcohol consumption
C. Blood poisoning, caused by being stabbed in the hand with a fork

12. If you are “Macaronic”, than you are…
A. A person who resembles a noodle
B. Mixed up
C. Wearing a feather in your cap

13. A “Quink” can be this brand of drink:
A. Grey Goose
B. Royal Stag
C. Wild Turkey

14. Describing something as “Xerotic” means that it’s…
A. Pornographic in nature
B. A light shade of purple
C. Dry

15. What is “Jobbery”?
A. Robbery performed by a previous employee
B. Looking for a new job with enthusiasm
C. The conduct of public business for private gain

01. A
02. C
03. B
04. B
05. A
06. C
07. B
08. C
09. A
10. C
11. A
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. C
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