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A New Device Allows You and Loved Ones to Feel Safe

old manYou may have read this story in the papers a few years back. It was about an 80 year old man who lived alone and took care of himself. On day this man's neighbor noticed that he hasn't seen him for awhile. He called everyone he could think of but no one had seen him.

The loyal neighbor continued to try and find the old man, and eventually called the police, who came and broke the door down. After searching the apartment the old man was found in his bathroom, emaciated and close to death, after mistakenly locking himself in. He had not eaten for 3 days. He was saved because he had a really caring neighbor.

With life expectancy rising each year, it's little wonder that there are more people over the age of 70 than there have ever been before. To be 70 today is only to begin your twilight years, with decades to come. 

But these aren't easy decades, the body becomes weaker, and we need more and more help from those around us. It's easy to make a small mistake, like the man in who locked himself in his house, and those small mistakes can lead to big, life threatening affairs. Let's face it, not all neighbors are as observant as that one.
Today, many are turning to a simple solution - individual alarm buttons.

alarm buttonThese buttons can be worn like an amulet, and its purpose is to make sure that if there is a bad situation, one push of the button opens a two way call with a special operator who will call the police, firefighters, security services or loved ones to come to your aid. Having worn this, the old man from our story could have been out in a few hours, instead of being rescued a moment from death.

These buttons can be used not only for sending an emergency signal, but it can also be used to watch over relatives that are suffering from dementia or alzheimer's.

Some buttons can be configured to certain geographical locations, so when the person wearing it leaves the area, their loved ones get an alert and a GPS location of that person. So for those who suffer from dementia and might wander off, an alarm is sent to their relatives with a location.

Not only does this give the person wearing the button a little peace of mind, but it does the same for their families. They feel safer knowing they have such a device for emergencies. So be safe yourselves and if you need the help, consider researching something that will make sure you never get caught in a terrible situation when no one knows it's happening.

If you live in the United States and want to get a good price comparison for these kinds of alarm buttons, I also found this site that will do the comparison for you. 

You can go to it with this link:

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