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16 Images of Baby Rhinos Being Cute to the Extreme

I want a baby rhino. Not tomorrow, not next week, I want one NOW. Why? Because they are just so darn cute, happy and full of life. You may be thinking: "A rhino? That huge, cumbersome thing is cute? I don't think so." 

Well, for all you unbelievers, here are 18 reasons why baby rhinos are adorable:

Because they follow mommy around wherever she goes.

Because they get along with other animals.

Because they let you feed them from a bottle if you want to.

Because they are... oh my gosh, that is so cute... Where was I?

Because they're playful and like humans.

Because they love the water.

And the mud...

Because they're curious little things.

Because they KEEP following mommy around.

Because they look cute even laying down.

Because they're a sucker for a nice pet.

Because they move in such a funny way.

As they can have such a funny body language.

Because they imitate whatever they see others do.

Because they are peaceful creatures.

And because they are just so darn adorable when they run!
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