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A New Fantasy Destination - Men Only! A new offer from a travelling agency, only for men..
Not for the Feint of Heart: Terrible Near Misses. video near misses that will scare you to death just looking at them!
Hilarious: How to Tell the Sex of Birds. I never fully understood how to tell the difference between male and female birds, until now...
Get Your Adrenaline for the Day Right Now! video It's an Insane World Out There...
From Firetruck to Incredible RV! slide show User content An incredible work takes an old piece of junk and makes something terrific out of it.
Parkour vs. Peugeot 207 - Thrilling! video Who is quicker at navigating the urban jungle? The urban athlete or the urban vehicle?
Winter is Here: 11 Ways to Tie Your Scarf! slide show Here are 11 different ways to tie that scarf that are easy while also looking good!
The Most Insane Driver You've Ever Seen! video This Russian Driver Has Gone Crazy!
At 64, This Man Has the Body of a 20 Year Old! video A 64 Year Old Man in Incredible Shape!
Floating Your Way Down - Wow! video Incredible Jumps in an Incredible Video!
How to Wear a Suit - Cheat Sheet for Men! slide show User content fast and easy cheat-sheet for putting on that look that women love the most!
The Men Who Ride with Death - Heart Stopping! video A combination of a heart stopping performance by the Indian well of death riders, along with a beautiful rendition creates a mix which is really memorable, and somehow hauntingly beautiful.
Armwrestler vs. Bodybuilder - Who Wins? video Who do you think would win at an armwrestling competition?
Moving In All Directions - Incredible! video Amazing First-Person Parkour!
Through the Eyes of a Dallara GP2 Driver! video An adrenaline filled ride through the eyes of a champion driver!
When We Get Caught in Sticky Situations... slide show User content A series of unfortunate events...
Avoiding Death by a Hair - Unbelievable! video Unbelievable Close Calls On the Russian Roads!
Unbridled Action Shots! slide show User content action shots of all kind that'll make your heart pulse!
A Live Action Video Warrior - Amazing Performance! video A performance you don't see every day!
How Does a Truck Explode 40 Times? video Not for the feint of heart, this rare video of a gas truck accident in Russia is action packed with no less than 40 explosions!
The Ultimate Selection of Russian Cam Moments! video Ever since car cams became a common insurance demand in Russia, the internet has been flooded with bizarre, hilarious and downright scary moments from the busy Russian roads...
A Man and His Brutus - Amazing! video Just a Man and His Grizzly Pet...
Sometimes It's Good to Know Self Defense! video Russian Girl Beats the Crap Out of a Thief!
The Half-Man Cometh - Creepy Prank! video A very effective and creepy prank!
People Are Amazing: Best of June! video Watch the most amazing people do the most incredible things in this great compilation showing us the best of the most crazy stunts of June.
Guys Only: Those Legs Just Go On and On.... slide show You don't have to be a man to appreciate these beautiful women with beautiful long legs, but it helps...
Some Things a Man Just Wants... slide show User content Some things men need, and some things men just really wish they had!
People Can Be Amazing! video The Awesome Things People Do...
Things Any Man Would Love to Have! slide show This photo series is all about what a man wants...
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